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Do Parents And Schools Accept Gaming In Education?

In the past parents and teachers would offend kids to play video games. Parents struggled hard to prevent their kids from video game screens. But today, gaming is an essential tool that aids the learning process. Gaming comes with an educational potential that attracts children. Thus in recent years, video games have evolved with a remodeled reputation. School parent communication app would help teachers to create awareness on the importance of gaming in education. Here you would know about the views of gaming in education parents and teachers. The following was discussed in a parent-teacher conference to make parents understand the role of gaming in improving intelligence.

Gaming In Education

Role Of Gaming:

Gaming is used as an essential tool in most of the educational institutions. Gaming makes learning an ultimate fun. It is used as a support to complement the traditional teaching methods and offer a more comprehensive learning experience. Gaming can help develop several skills like problem-solving, creative, and adaptive skills. Gaming in education help students to grasp concepts and be innovative in thinking. Technology plays a critical role in including gaming in education.


Children often feel bored with traditional and monotonous educational tools. Gaming plays a crucial role in improving the visual and interactive skills of students. It also engages students and creates interest in academics. The following are some of the benefits of gaming in education.

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Engage students: Gaming in education develops interest among students towards learning. Learning becomes an exciting experience when it is offered in the form of games. Thus it engages students through a hands-on practical approach.

Improves Memory: Gaming help students to remember some essential concepts easily without memorizing it. Remembering the critical points of various subjects is necessary to use them in real-life situations.

Enhances Problem Solving Skills: Gaming improves problem-solving skills in students, and it helps them to outperform in their academics. This would help them to appear in competitive examinations.

Perspective Of Parents And Schools On Gaming

Parents come up with different views on gaming included in the education system of their kids. They are confused about the use of video games and their effects on the learning process of their children. Parents who have played video games in the past are suspicious and cautious on the use of games in education. They possess a clear understanding of the effects of gaming and its magnetic pulling power.

Today parents do not oppose gaming in the education system. This is because parents are aware of what gaming can offer to the future of education.

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Teachers feel that gaming can be a waste of time, and it would be a hindrance in completing the curriculum on time. They also think that video games are not that powerful in covering the academic curriculum as that of traditional teaching and learning tools.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Gaming

Check Out – about the good reasons for playing games. There are certain benefits of playing video games by children. But it is essential to know about the other side of the coin as well. There are specific ill-effects of gaming. Several types of research have been conducted on adolescent children to study the effect of computer gaming on academics. It is said that students who are exposed to video games poorly perform in their academics. Thus gaming hurt the grades of children. The above research was limited, and further research continued. Thus a group of the adolescent was tracked regularly for nearly two years. Their gaming habits, academic performance were studied. This helped to assess the negative and positive effects of playing video games. It was found that these children failed severely in their academics. There were no changes in their core competencies as well. But further researches reveal that in the long run, these kids become great problem solvers with good reasoning ability in their future.

Thus gaming can help students to excel in their life when the timing of gaming is regulated. Longer gaming time would affect their academic performance.

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