A zombie is a person or a creature that have lost his sense of self-awareness or identifying itself. It aims for destruction to any human around him, no matters what will happen with itself at the end of the day. Zombie games are known and popular for their amazing graphics among children and even in adults. They provide entertainment to get you into a fantasized world and enjoy the charisma of the characters. Games having zombies in them are of three types: First person shooter Survival horror Beat them up First person shooter is kind of zombie games that center the gun or weapon based game play. Such type of games having zombies in them is projected to see the actions going around in the game through the eyes of the player’s character. The gamer can see the character from its back and can control it from the controllers. It is the type of the three-dimensional shooting game. Zombie games of this type were known as DOOMED CLONES. Later, first person shooter has replaced them. Survival horror is another type of game with zombies.

This video game genre is also inspired by horror fiction as other games with zombies are. However, the characters in these type of games have less weapons than other action games. Their enemies challenge characters in these types of zombie games with unexpected attacks. They are often faced with dark environments to make the game more thrilling and horrifying. These games are heavily enriched with horror fiction. In addition, the final big game with zombie is beat them up. This game took place in (2D) I.e. two dimensional video game levels but some later games of such type having 3D in them overcome them as three-dimensional games after few years. These games are based on crime fighting and revenge-based plots. In these types of zombie games characters are enforced to fight a large number of enemies. Hence, it is a type of action games. However, these are different from other fighting games in various ways, which are based on one-on-one- fighting criteria. In this way zombie games are of the above three fundamental types having various varieties and distinctions among them. Hope this brief introduction regarding the types of zombie games would help you to select the games with zombies of your choice!

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