After watching the Full Tilt pros pile up the World Series of Poker bracelets at the beginning of this grueling poker tournament series, Team PokerStars’ newest and biggest name min raised his way to his fourth bracelet. Daniel Negreanu took home first place in Event #20’s $2,000 Limit Hold Em’, outlasting 478 other players for the first Team PokerStars’ bracelet blood of the 2008 WSOP As Otis from the PokerStarsBlog chatted it up with “Kid Poker” about his win and the brutal crackings his premium hands took before outlasting Ugur Marangoz for $204,874 and a bonus from temporary L.A. Lakers fan Phil Ivey stemming from a prop bet worth $200,000 for winning the first bracelet between the two: That was exactly what he did. Aces cracked? He came back. Kings cracked? He came back. By the time play was three-handed, some people watching were alredy predicting Negreanu’s bracelet. It was a good prediction.

Once he reclaimed the lead, he never gave it up and finished off his opponents in short order. Negreanu won $204,874 for his victory. For some folks, that’s life changing money. For Negreanu (who was on the golf course this week betting for sums in excess of that), the money seems less important than the reality that no matter how old he gets, he will always be Kid Poker…and Kid Poker wins poker tournaments. Better yet, Kid Poker wins World Series bracelets. Check out full payout from the event at here, and Negreanu’s thoughts from right here.Last 5 posts in WSOP

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