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How To Maximize Brain Power To Crack IAS Exams?

Cracking UPSC examination is indeed tough. Every year thousands of aspirants prepare for the UPSC exams. IAS aspirants must possess analytical and practical skills to clear the exams in the first attempt. It is not easy to prepare for UPSC examination as the syllabus is vast and tough. IAS aspirant should look for ways to boost their brainpower and improve their memory. This is important to crack the exam and excel in their life. Several IAS coaching centres guide students on the ways to sharpen their mind. The following are some of the ways to boost your brainpower and crack the UPSC exams in ease. You would also know about some mind games that maximize your brainpower.

Tips To Maximize Brain Power

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The following tips would help IAS aspirants to crack the UPSC exams as they can improve their memory skills.

Exercise Regularly: Exercise would help to keep your body physically fit. It can also help to stimulate the nervous system. It would prevent the nerve cells from damage. During workouts, specific proteins are released by the nerve cells. This would improve the neural health and supports in the learning process of an individual. Exercising can help in improving the blood circulation to the brain.

Eat Healthily: Eating a balanced and nutritious food can help to boost your brainpower. There are certain foods which are called superfoods as it can improve your brain functioning.

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Omega 3 is an essential mineral which is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. Include fish in your daily diet as it contains omega 3. Fresh fruits can keep your entire body healthy. Nut like walnuts, almonds, etc. are good for mental health. Students who prepare for IAS exams must reduce sugar intake. They must also stay away from processed foods.
Think Positive: IAS aspirants must always feel positive and do not give room for negative thoughts. Negativity would destroy the brain neurons and prevents the creation of the new neurons.

Practice Yoga: Students preparing for UPSC exams would be depressed as they study a lot. Yoga would help to improve their concentration and offer relaxation to mind.

Avoid Calculators: When practicing various analytical problems, make sure not to use calculators. Perform mental math, which is required for boosting your brainpower.

Keep Your Brain Active: An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Thus during your free time, do not keep your brain idle. Make sure that you involve in various brain-stimulating activities. You can learn a new language, play chess solve puzzles, etc. This would help to keep your brain active.

Common Brain Games To Improve Memory

Image Showing Cross Words - Brain Game Conxcept.IAS aspirants can very well practice or play the following brain games, which help in improving their thinking and reasoning abilities. They can take up the following activities in the break time as it would help to concentrate and prepare for their exams better.

Crosswords: It is an interesting game which is loved by people of all ages. It helps to keep your brain active and stimulate the brain cells. It is an excellent exercise for your thinking ability. Work on different types of puzzles as it would be a challenge to your mental strength.

Sudoku: It is a popular mind game which improves concentration and focus of IAS aspirants. You can find a Sudoku puzzle in newspapers and magazines. It is a game of organizing number in a particular order. Playing Sudoku helps in strengthening your neural connections and ultimately improves your memory power.

Chess: This is a mind game which comes with lots of strategies and tactics. It is said that playing chess can improve IQ levels. Chess players possess the problem-solving skill, which is the necessary skill required for clearing UPSC exams. Thus playing chess regularly would foster the memory power of IAS aspirants.

Rubik‚Äôs Cube: This is an interesting puzzle game which requires focus and mathematical abilities. There are several possible combinations available to solve the puzzle. Solving Rubik’s cube is the best way to keep your mind active in-between your study hours. This puzzle widens your perception and improves your problem-solving capacity.

The above are the ways to improve your brainpower and sharpen your mind for cracking IAS exams.

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