There’s so much poker on TV these days that sometimes it gets a little too much, and you end up with final tables full of new guys that just aren’t all that exciting. I thought today I’d think a bit about my top 5 favorite players to watch on TV.

  1. GUS HANSEN: He’s the obvious choice, yeah, but I honestly think Gus is still playing not only the most fun to watch poker in the game, but the most creative, even ‘progressive.’ His recent successes also prove that there is extreme method to the madness and that there’s more to poker than just the classic ideas. Anytime Gus is on a poker show, I make a point to tune in.
  2. SAMMY FARHA. I like watching Farha for a totally different reason than anyone else on this list: he plays a style I could never and would never try, and it is always fun to see him pull it off. Playing literally any two cards in any spot isn’t for everyone, and Sammy seems like a cool guy to boot.
  3. DANIEL NEGREANU. Another perhaps clear pick, but Daniel makes an interesting watch for his ability not only to play a wide range of cards, but more so for his ability to pick up on what his opponent is doing and make plays based on that rather than his crazy cards. Always expect to see something new with Daniel.
  4. ALLEN CUNNINGHAM. Again, totally different than anyone else on the list, but Allen I think out of all these players plays the style of poker I most model my own game after (though not to the level he’s at obviously). I love watching a solid player who knows when to push his opponent, and who can take reads off his gut and turn them into money.
  5. (tie) PATRIK ANTONIUS or GAVIN SMITH. Two strange cats with good attitudes and the ability to move big money when they know they can push to win, but who tend to have the good when they end up in the middle. source:

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