A Well-known game development company sparkplay media web produced by transformation of the first browser-based operation of the 3d mmorpg “Eternity” (eartheternal) official Web site has announced the game officially launched a public test, players only need to “Eternity” and fill out the official website registered account information, then you 3d fantasy web game “Eternity” open beta can enjoy this fun page 3d games.

Games, including raccoons who have the fox people, means the player mechanics including bird and a total of 16 racesKnight, epic battle momentum Rogue, Druid, Master these four occupations, as well as game blog the upgrade of a complex and interesting system. Combined with a large number of Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology, and many elements of Indian mythology to create a large and rich in color fantasy fantasy continent. Games will use virtual props charging mode, players can use credit cards to purchase the official web site of some games in the virtual props to facilitate adventure game.

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