Pick two stones from the top of the window of the house and from the front of the fence. Get the woodpecker from the roof of house. Pick the pitch fork. Place the pitch fork on the stones and pick the stone . Click the leaves on the left side of the house in the middle and note the number 2542
Click the leaves where left side of middle house. And note numbers 2542.

In the Forest: Pick th shovel from the tree, one stone from among brown stones. Pick a logo by clicking on the touch me not plant, Get a logo by Placing the woodpecker on the tree clicking it once. Collect the green, red and blue colurs of the sparrow by clicking and apply the colors on the chimney to get a logo. Shovel in the middle of the land and pick a stone.Use the shovel on the centre of land. And take a stone.

0Inside the House: Get a logo using the number 2542 on the barrel Get a colored shape from the pink draw by clicking on it. From the top left and bottom right drawers of the cupboard, get a key and stone. Get a disc from the round drawer
Outdoor: Get a key from the mailbox by placing he disc on it

Inside the House: Open the brown table with the key, to get a colored shape and paste it on the box on the table at the centre, to get a scroll. And click the scroll and note the numbers for the letter Use the numbers on the blue and get the keyword –MOON

Outdoor: Place the keyword –MOON on the barrel and get a hammer and use it on the wooden box, and get a logo.
Forest: Get a stone placing the hammer on the

Inside the House: Get a fishnet placing the logos on the spot for it and place the stones in the fishnet and fold it
Outdoor: Hang the fishnet with stones over the well from the hook on the log. Get the treasure box and use the key to open it.

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