The games at Escape Games Zone are highly challenging, and you need to think fast to solve the game. The leaderboard is a common word that inspires minds and hearts of football players, Olympians, PGA champion and of course, Escape game players.

If you are a person who enjoys competitive games, then it is sure you will attempt to break the leaderboard records. It is simple to accomplish, but you require the perfect combination of skill and luck along with the perfect team. Most people think what is picking the team or how to select a team for playing Escape game. Everyone can participate, and it is fun to pick a team.

Here sharing some key points to make your score on the leaderboard.

The Mathematician: Do you have friends who are talented with numbers? It is well and good if you have friends who are a math teacher. When you are playing Escape game, you should not use your phone or calculator. It is the reason you are inviting a mathematician to play with you. It is advisable to use their brain instead of using your calculator.

The Bookworm: In Escape Games, you have to read quickly and go through another room. When you have friends who are talented and fast learners, they can easily find out the hidden words and solve most challenging riddles. Every small detail matters. You have to need a friend who is talented with words.

The Logician: Are you wondering why you need a logician? Escape games are loaded with riddles and puzzles. Friends who are experts in solving crossword puzzles and Sudoku can play this game easily. They can easily adapt to that situation and check what could be done.

The Partier: You should enjoy the fun while playing Escape game. If all of you are going to remain serious, then there would be no enjoyment. Apart stacking different intelligent members, ensure to add adventure seekers, funny friends, and anyone wishes to have a great time. When you have the right team, there are high chances to break the game in quick time.

Workout before starting to play

We have mentioned a tailored workout to practice for playing Escape games. It will help you to handle the game with ease.

Scavenger hunt

Library Escape Games

Go for hunting. Our ancestor hunted for food, allies and resources. Do you know the habit of scavenging is within our blood? It is not a new habit. The only thing is we do not hunt since we get things easily these days. When you play new Escape games, you have to find things quickly. You need to be good at discovering things. No matter, you are playing at a park or in your bedroom, you have to hunt things as fast as possible to solve the game.

Mystery movie

Watch a few mystery movies like James Bond, Inception or Mission Impossible. These movies will show you how to escape and inspires to jump out from a situation. No matter, it is unforeseen codes or hidden messages, you will appreciate the tributes paid to the ultimate ambiguities of all time. Apart from these, you will be enjoying a great bonding phase with your friends.

Avoid the bathroom

Most people think that this statement is for kidding. It is true. Adrenaline and anxiety make you use the washroom more frequently. Do not worry or panic. The rooms in Escape games are not designed to bounce your nervousness. The excitement for you to race against the clock will get your blood driving. You can pause the game and go to the bathroom anytime you wish. But we do not advise this. Ensure to complete before the clock strikes.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Form the Perfect Escape Game Team and Prepare To Break Out

  1. These days escapes games are catching a new trend of playing it in teams. Initially when escape games were introduced it was with single player mode, but gradually the developers now made it for teams also which is much more exciting. Mostly such team games are popular in offices during night shifts. We usually play such games amount our team during night to keep us fresh and energetic.

  2. As this game is getting popular day by day, many of the variants are also be being introduced by the developers. Initially these escape game would have the option of only single player, but as of now we can play in a team and clear the stages. Repetitive practice will make one expert in this game, as its not as easy as it looks from outside.

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