There are several good reasons to play perfect Escape games online with strangers. For example, you would have met a new friend, but you would not know anything much about him/her. When you play Escape games with them, you will get a chance to know their skills, talents and brilliance. It will help in better bonding and long lasting relationship. Here is a chance to play Escape games with few newly made friends.

It is a great thing especially if you get a chance to play new Escape games with a police officer or retired CIA agent. If your group is diverse, you will have more possibilities to solve.

The name game

Escape-games-in-a-birdcageBefore starting the game, the players would be sitting in the lobby. It is best to give a handshake and create a good relationship with them. You may not know the strangers around you, but you have to come forward and introduce yourself. It is important to remember everyone’s name. It remains as a major opportunity for winning the game. You will come to know its value only while you are playing the game.

For example, a person near you has won more points, instead of shouting ‘hey you,’ you can just shout saying their name to draw other people’s attention. It is an effective way to break down the ice. Ensure everyone feels comfortable while start to play the game.

Love the game and stop worrying

There is nothing to worry much when you play with strangers. They also know about patience, understanding, teamwork, and cooperation. You have to concentrate on the game completely and end the tasks you come across. When communication is better in your group, everything will get into right place. One of the biggest secrets to win Escape games is remaining in the presence of mind that is act according to the moment.


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2 thoughts on “Play Escape Games with your New Friends

  1. I want to thank this ESCAPE GAME.. Do you want to know the reason why?? Yes..this escape game made a drastic change in my life, rather it gave me a new life. Actually escape game is the reason for which me and my life partner are together today. We met each other in college via this game only, as both of us were much interested in this game. Finally it made us closer and today she is mine..!! Once again thanks.. Lolzz

  2. There are numerous ways to make a new friend, but I found a new way via these online games. Especially escape games are ones which can help you make many friends as it has a option of playing in team or a group. Escape games develop a feeling of oneness among the team players as we have to handle the task together and escape out of the problem. So I would suggest you all to give a try, All The Best..!!!

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